There aren't many experiences in life that are more special than being pregnant and carrying your soon-to-be-born child. The love you have for someone you haven't even met yet is an amazing part of being a woman.

Despite the special time and the joy that you're experiencing right now, it's hard to ignore the complicated and painful parts of the 9 special months where your child is growing inside of you. Just about the time that you've gotten past all of the morning sickness is right around the time that most soon-to-be moms start

to experience pain in their low backs, legs, and feet. While some women think that this is just something that you have to power through, it doesn't have to be that way if you get a firm hold on what is actually at the root of all of that pain. It's common for women in Sunset Hills to visit a Chiropractor regularly, to drastically reduce the pain and symptoms in their low back, legs, and feet without the use of medication once they focus on the core causes that happen during every pregnancy.

So... what are some of the most common causes of Low Back, Leg, and Feet Pain in Pregnant Women (that can be treated without medication)? (keep reading)

CORE CAUSE of Low Back, Leg, and Foot Pain in Pregnant Women...

Low Back, Leg, and Foot pain in Pregnant women is most often caused by your body's response to the hormones that are released exclusively during pregnancy. As your body gets ready to make it possible to carry and ultimately deliver your baby, several powerful changes start to occur in your body.

Your Center of Gravity Changes

As your baby gets bigger your weight shifts forward and your core muscles have to compensate to keep you upright.

Ligaments Start to Loosen in Your Pelvis

Hormones are released which cause the ligaments in your pelvis to loosen to get ready for delivery. As this happens your core muscles also have to compensate for this chance.

Your Hips Come out of Position More Often

Due to changes in how you sleep and how you walk (due to changes in your center of gravity), your hips can more easily lock up. This can cause further pain and discomfort if they stay out of place too long.

Your Sciatic Nerve Becomes Irritated

As things become more crowded and your body is compensating, the nerves that lead to your legs can get slightly "pinched". This leads to pain in your lower back, legs, and feet

Muscles Become Overly Fatigued as they Compensate and help Keep You Upright.

All of the above leads to muscles all over your body having to pick up the slack and do things that they aren't used to doing in order to keep you upright and moving. This process works fine until those muscles become overly fatigued. When this happens, you'll start to feel those muscles sending you warning signs (pain). This is a common result of not taking care of all of the above issues.

Natural Pregnancy Pain Relief Program IN Sunset Hills

Relief with their Low Back, Leg, and Foot Pain?

(Hint: We help Your Body's Joints and Muscles Carry the Load Correctly)

The Secret to our Treatment protocol is that it gets rid of the musculoskeletal causes while we help you systematically get rid of other external factors that are contributing to the headaches.

Our Special Treatment Protocol uses a combination of Gentle Upper Back and Neck Adjustments, Special Stretching Programs, as well as a Diet and Exercise Program for Home.



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