Back Pain is no longer a life sentence, and Sunset Hills Spine & Joint Center in Sunset Hills might be just what you need. One of the most frustrating things in the world is not being able to participate in life's most enjoyable activities because your body isn't cooperating. An unfortunate fact is that many people in Sunset Hills today have to miss out on life because of debilitating low back pain.

Most doctors today are fast to provide the next "miracle drug" or say surgery is your only option. However, the truth is that the prescription pills only make us feel groggy, depressed, and unlike ourselves, while our condition worsens.

The good news is that once you understand the usual core causes of low back pain, you can actually do something about it with some very simple and inexpensive treatments. Once you understand what is actually causing your low back pain, you can do a lot to avoid the things that caused it (and finally be rid of the pain that you might have been dealing with for years).


Chronic Low Back Pain and instability can be caused by a lot of different things, but the most likely culprit is typically pulled or overused muscles that have been used past the point of exhaustion. The key to effectively treating these low back conditions is to understand exactly how muscles can become so overused that they are pushed to the point of injury or overuse.

The typical person in Sunset Hills has low back issues, which, if untreated, can lead to more severe issues.

Bulging or Herniated Lower Spinal Discs:

When you put continued stress on the "shock absorbing structures" in between the bony parts of your spine, they can start to shrink or perform in a way that isn't healthy. Think of your discs as balloons that are getting constantly squeezed in one direction all the time as you go about your day. The difference between bulging and herniated discs is usually the difference between the need for aggressive care or surgery (this can be determined via an exam and advanced imaging).

Leg Issues that end up Causing Lower Back Issues:

Low back pain is sometimes just a sign that your back is adjusting to problems in your knees and feet. Many times correcting the knee or foot issue is enough to take an enormous amount of stress off of your low back.


Over the last 9 years, we've focused our office on helping local residents in Sunset Hills beat low back pain and instability. Some offices try to be a "catch-all" provider, but we have been getting better at helping people with a few specific problems.

After working with hundreds of people who have low back pain, we've come up with a treatment plan that is made just for your body. Because of this focus, we've developed a gentle and medication free way of helping you get rid of low back pain while, at the same time, treating the condition that caused it in the first place.

At Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center, we have the training and experience to help treat your back pain effectively.

Our Special Treatment Protocol for low back pain includes gentle adjustments to the low back and hip joints, focused physiotherapy, and a home rehabilitation program.

The careful combination of these treatments can help you stop the unhealthy processes that are going on in your low back before they become an even bigger issue. Our Athletic Low Back Pain and Instability Treatment Protocol works so well because we help your body overcome the processes causing the pain and instability as we help you make the muscles in your low back even stronger.

The majority of low back problems we see in older athletes developed over time. Our treatment works well because we make sure that we set your body up to heal before the condition is allowed to get worse (so you don't experience this as you get older). Our success rate with this condition is based on the fact that we always allow your body to do what it needs to do.

No two patients' low back conditions are alike, and we make sure that we treat each condition as such. This is critical to making sure that you heal as quickly as possible while staying safe.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Low Back Conditions are treatable with this protocol. We take special care during our exam to make sure that this treatment is right for you.


We have a very simple policy here at Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center. We don't start treatment until you know what's causing your low back pain and what your options are for treating it (even if that means doing something outside of what our office can do). We work for you, and our job is to make sure you know all of the options out there and can make an informed decision.

The "Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center Chiropractic Low Back Pain and Instability Treatment Protocol" works Like This:

Step 1:

You set up a quick call so Our Staff can Learn About Your Specific Condition.

Simply call or text us, and we will call you to learn more about your condition. If your condition is something we think we can help with, we'll schedule an appointment for you with the doctor (if we don't think your condition is a fit, we'll refer you to where we think you should go).

Step 2:

We Setup a Private Appointment with Dr. Hill.

We'll schedule you for an exam in our office with the doctor. We'll make sure you can fill out the paperwork we need before you ever step foot in the office.

Step 3:

We perform a thorough examination to determine the exact cause of your condition.

During the exam, the doctor will perform some focused tests and exams to determine what condition you are actually suffering from and its severity. After the initial exam, we may need to do some advanced imaging in order to make a definitive diagnosis.

Step 4:

We will walk you through What We Found during the Exam and Present You With Your Options.

The doctor will sit down with you and explain exactly what was found, then walk you through all of your treatment options. You will be presented with all of the possible paths to take to treat what is going on in your specific case.

Step 5:

YOU DECIDE if you want to Move Forward with Recommended Treatment.

We never do any treatment until you fully understand what is going on, what your options are, how much treatment will cost, and how long it will take. We make sure that you understand everything that is going on at every step of the process and that you are ready to move forward. We have a strict "No Surprises" Policy at Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center when it comes to Patient Care.

Step 6:

We Help you Finally Get Your Condition under Control.

Once you approve the treatment plan we get to work on helping you get back to maximum functioning capacity as quickly as possible.



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